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"I will admit at first I wasn't too sure of this whole idea of sedation dentistry, were you really out or was it all hype. I must say that it was great. I don't remember much of the procedure at all, it didn't hurt and it was all done at one time. Dr. Patel was great, patient and very calming, and the rest of the staff was very nice as well! I hadn't gone to a dentist in 7 years. I'd have panic attacks just to call and make the appointment. But the staff and the Dr. have calmed my nerves and I do"
-Michael Douglas

"To Whom it may concern: The experience I had at Dr. Patel's office was a very pleasant one. I experienced no pain with my teeth extraction. The service was excellent. My dentures are of excellent quality and I believe the best quality. I eat food without pain or discomfort now! I recommend Dr. Patel highly"

"I 'll admit, I've never been a fan of the dentistry. After sedation therapy I've got my smile back, my confidence back, and by some miracle…dentistry has a new fan. At first I was afraid to even walk in for a check up, but my experience has given me freedom from that fear. The whole idea of going to the dentist kept me from repairing the damage done to my teeth, but more importantly the damage to my confidence and my willingness to smile….Now I don't have to choose between being sincere and bein"
-Christian Delmater

"Hi, my name is Steve Leisman. I live in Ronkonkoma, and I had a very good experience with oral sedation. I was extremely nervous beforehand; I was given oral sedation before the procedure by Dr. Patel and was made very comfortable. Dr. Patel's procedure seemed to take no time at all and I had little memory of it. Also, I felt fine as the sedation wore off. If you are nervous about having a procedure and would like to relax, I highly recommend oral sedation. Dr. Patel was great."
-Steve Leisman, Ronkonkoma